Powerful Performance and Aesthetics in Group Exercise Rooms

Powerful Performance and Aesthetics in Group Exercise Rooms

Group exercise studios, whether standalone boutique facilities or as part of health clubs, withstand tremendous demand and usage, day after day. They not only have to accommodate multiple formats but also must maintain a visual appeal in the face of constant foot traffic.

Two premium multipurpose options from PLAE are ideal choices for group ex rooms that offer a variety of different class types or that are specific to only one or a few modalities (i.e., indoor group cycling or yoga). Like all PLAE products, they are designed to deliver superior performance, safety and aesthetics to enhance the group ex experience and ease of ownership.

Exceed’s high-tension, 2mm vinyl wear layer provides natural wood grain printing and embossing in Graywood, Maple and Walnut for noticeable sophistication in group ex studios. This classic look is enhanced with the innovative Plaetech™ foundation layer, made of reclaimed rubber, which delivers optimal energy return, maximum shock absorption, reduced stress to the body and valuable noise attenuation. PLAE’s patented lamination process fuses the top and bottom layers so that they will not separate or weaken over time.

Exceed comes in thicknesses of 7 or 12mm, in 30-foot rolls that are 6 feet wide; it has earned FloorScore® certification and requires simple maintenance.

A huge flooring favorite worldwide for weight training areas, Achieve performs equally powerfully in group ex rooms that host various classes such as HIIT, boot camp, strength, suspension, kickboxing and cycling. Designed with the input of leading strength coaches, this highly durable surface offers solid-grip technology, boosted wear resistance and indentation resistance, along with numerous color options for dynamic branding and aesthetic appeal. The signature Plaetech™ foundation underneath facilitates energy return and shock absorption to drive effective, safe workouts. And you can rely on PLAE’s patented fusion process for an unbreakable seal between the two layers that yields long-lasting performance.

Available in thicknesses of 8, 13 or 18mm, with 25-foot rolls that are 4 feet wide, Achieve comes in 14 colors, accommodates custom logos and graphics and is backed by a 15-year warranty.

For more information about Exceed, Achieve or any PLAE product, please contact us here or call 404-645-7900.

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