Dr. Chris Gaviglio

Dr. Chris Gaviglio

Queensland Academy of Sport

Dr. Chris Gaviglio is the senior strength and conditioning coach for the Queensland Academy of Sport. Chris has been involved with elite sport for over 15 years working across multiple Olympic sports and professional football codes in both the northern (Bath Rugby) and southern (Wallabies and Gold Coast SUNS AFL) hemisphere. He is also the Physical Performance manager for the Queensland Maroons Rugby league team.

During his time in the UK (Bath Rugby), Chris was involved with UKSport in multiple applied sports science projects. His major project involved monitoring salivary hormones (testosterone and cortisol) responses to competition and training in rugby union and culminated in his thesis. Chris has several papers already publish as a result of this work and other collaborative work with other applied sport scientists.

Aside from an interest in using salivary hormones as a marker for training and competition, he continues to provide bespoke applied sports science projects for the athletes he works with, particularly in the areas of:
• Passive heat maintenance
• Blood flow restriction training
• Warm-up and peri-competition strategies
• Power and strength development

Chris is also an entrepreneur and enjoys designing training products that compliments his strength and conditioning passion. The first two products he produced were back mobilisation tools in the Thera-wedge and then the Backsak. More recently he designed the Sports Rehab Tourniquet to be used for Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training. This is a total body training system for both the upper and lower body. As a progression from designing this BFR training tool he has developed training workshops and instructional videos to help educate users.

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