Dr. Fergus Connolly

    Dr. Fergus Connolly

    Fergus Connolly is one of the world’s leading experts in team human performance.

    He is the only person to have worked full-time in every major sports league around the world. Fergus partners with teams to win at the highest level with the integrated application of best practices in all areas of performance – his lessons transcend all businesses and industries.

    His highly acclaimed book ‘Game Changer – The Art of Science‘ was the first blueprint to present a holistic philosophy for winning in all team sports and is used worldwide.

    His second best seller ‘59 Lessons: Working with the World’s Greatest Coaches, Athletes, & Special Forces‘ reveals the secrets learned first-hand from working with the worlds greatest winners. Your guests will be fascinated hearing these stories first hand from the person who was there!

    Fergus has served as director of elite performance for the San Francisco 49ers, sports science director with the Welsh Rugby Union, and performance director and director of football operations for University of Michigan Football. He has mentored and advised coaches, support staff, and players in the NBA, MLB, NHL, Australian Rules Football, and international cricket. Fergus has also trained world boxing champions and advises elite military units and companies across the globe.

    He is a keynote speaker and consultant to high performing organizations around the world.

    He uses an entertaining Irish accent – because that’s the only one he has!

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