Jeremy Sheppard

Jeremy Sheppard

Canadian Sport Institute Pacific

Jeremy has been a strength and conditioning coach since 1993. He is the Integrated Service Team lead for Canada Snowboard and the Off-Snow Coach for its Slopestyle and Big Air program, a position he holds through partnership with Canadian Sport Institute Pacific. Jeremy was previously the Head of Strength and Conditioning and Sport Science Manager for Surfing Australia, and held positions with Queensland Academy of Sport, Australian Men’s Volleyball, the Australian Institute of Sport and Canadian Sport Center. Jeremy has had the good fortunate of helping athletes across a range of sports prepare for 7 Olympic Games, and assisted with professional teams in the National Rugby League, National Football League, and Australian Football League.

Jeremy is a graduate of the Canadian National Coaching Institute where he studied Strength and Conditioning for Elite Athlete Development, with a focus on male volleyball players’ vertical jump. He is an Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Master Coach and Life Member, and National Strength and Conditioning Association Coach Emeritus. Jeremy’s PhD and continued main research interest is the development of vertical jump and landing abilities. He has published over 120 scientific publications in the S&C field and 13 book chapters. He holds affiliations with Edith Cowan University (Australia), University of Victoria (Canada), is a Scientific Advisory Group member with Nike and an innovation consultant to Hurley.

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