Jim Kielbaso

Jim Kielbaso

IYCA president, Total Performance

Jim Kielbaso MS, CSCS is the President & CEO of the International Youth Conditioning Association and Director of the Total Performance Training Center in Wixom, MI where he oversees one of the most successful sports performance training centers in the country. He was the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at the University of Detroit Mercy from 1996 – 2002 where he was also an adjunct faculty member, teaching courses in Sports Medicine. Jim holds a BS in Exercise Science from Michigan State University and a Masters Degree in Kinesiology from the University of Michigan.

Jim is the author of the book Ultimate Speed & Agility, wrote the curriculum for the IYCA’s Certified Speed & Agility Specialist certification and has produced several training-related products for coaches and trainers. He has trained thousands of athletes at every level of competition, has been hired as a consultant to several college programs including University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Program, and the University of Michigan Football Program contracts with Jim to prepare their graduating seniors for the NFL Combine.

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